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Touch Travel is a broad-based travel agency with specialisms in the world of travelling. Thanks to our experienced employees and many years of travel handling for worldwide brands such as Holland Casino, Heineken, Coca-Cola and several other big brands Touch Travel can proudly present itself as your travel partner. Besides that, Touch Travel takes care of your travelling adventures. Besides travelling, Touch Travel is your partner for events as well. Touch Travel likes to go a step further to make sure that your guests will remember the event as a once in a lifetime experience. Touch Travel offers extras such as sightseeing tours (including translators in your own language), transport and special meal packages for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Loopreizen.nl is our label which provides runners with a flight, hotel accommodation and a starting ticket for the marathon race. Besides complete packages for marathons, Loopreizen.nl offers packages for several other distances as well. Besides a full marathon (42,195 KM), loopreizen.nl can provide other packages for half marathons, special marathons, ultra marathons and trail running events. Loopreizen.nl can also arrange complete travel packages for the non-runners such as supporters. The employees of Loopreizen.nl can tell you a lot about the marathons that we offer. Besides extra additional race information, they can also tell you about sightseeing activities and the best ways of enjoying the city of your choice! On our website: Loopreizen.nl you can find our complete offer. Our staff is waiting for your requests and questions. The English version of Loopreizen.nl is under construction.

Phonenumber: +31 10 - 497 11 30
E-mailaddress: info@loopreizen.nl


Globalrunning.com is your specialist in running affairs over the whole world. Thanks to our many years of experience and highly skilled employees we can take care of all your running wishes or give you the perfect advise.

Globalrunning.com is your specialist who can take care of participants or spectators for a running event. Whether it’s just your stay or the transport, our staff always provides the best advice and comes up with the best solutions for your event. Besides the transport and accommodation Globalrunning.com runs the extra mile for your event. We can offer your participants many extras such as tours, excursions and breakfast, lunch or dinner packages. These are only a few examples of the wide range of possibilities we can offer you. The TCS Amsterdam Marathon is a good example of an event which was a great success for everybody of the Mizuno family. For this event we arranged the transport and accommodation for guests who were invited by Mizuno. Globalrunning.com is also the proud official travel partner of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon.

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Customized holidays

What is better than customizing your own holidays? Touch Travel would like to create the ultimate holiday in consultation with the client. Everything is possible for a customized holiday. It doesn’t matter what your wishes are, we can arrange it for you! We invite you to realize the holiday of your dreams by our label customized holidays. To let us know your preferences, please fill in the contact form. After you have filled in the contact form, one of our employees will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities for your holiday!

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Phonenumber : +31 10 - 497 11 30
E-mailaddress : info@touchtravel.nl

Incentive travel on size

Incentive travel on size
In our premises in Barendrecht, Touch Travel has its own travel agency with a lot of experienced employees and contacts all over the world. Our employees will help you to set up an incentive travel or package from A to Z. Thanks to our experience and worldwide contacts with suppliers as airlines and hotels in combination with our IATA/SGR/ANVR certified travel agency, we can anticipate perfectly to your wishes of your target group.

Incentive travel experiences
Within the Touch office building 'Villa California' we have our own in-house travel agency, operated by people with lots of industry experience and the valuable worldwide contacts. Our staff will be delighted to help you setting up a group travel incentive trip, act as your DMC or organize for example a local event. At Touch Travel we will make sure that all is taken care off from A to Z. Thanks to our years of experience with different airlines, hotels and travel partners combined with our IATA / SGR / ANVR / SITE membership, we are able to anticipate perfectly to the needs of your audience. We guarantee you a truly unforgettable experience, all within the scope of your business goals and available budget.

Tailored travel packages
Due to the wide range of possibilities that can be tailored to your desire, we will give you some examples of what can be offered:
  • Multi-day packages to once in a lifetime events (sports and entertainment for example).
  • Foreign travel is unlimited in its possibilities varying from city trips, weekend breaks, cultural packages as well as fully tailored travel.
Besides our Incentive Travel options as mentioned above, Touch has also developed specialized travel labels such as loopreizen.nl (Runners Travel) which specializes in trips to any marathon or other running events around the world, Restaurantreizen.nl, Casinoreizen.nl and Touchvoetbalreizen. Click here for more information about this new way of experiencing and travelling the world. Get in touch with Touch Travel for more information about the magnificent possibilities that Touch Travel has to offer for you.

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Touch Travel is specialized in events handling. For your event, we can take care of all your guests. Our employees are ready to advise you for your event or to offer you our services. Besides many services such as hotel accomodation, transfers and flights we are able to fulfill almost any wish of our clients. Our most recent event is the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. For this event, we have arranged hotel accomodation, transfers, sightseeing tours, a special morning run and many other services. This has been arranged for about a thousand guests! Touchtravel is very pleased to offer you our services. If you wish more information about our services, please contact us.

You can contact us by phone : +31 10-497 11 30 or fill in our form →

About Touchtravel.nl

Villa California
An interim peak was in 2003, when they build their own premises which is named Villa California. The reason for this name was the name of the house where rob his brother lived in Thailand. He passed away to early. The recognizable premises shows positivism and optimism which marks Touch. The premises contains a squash-court, a gym, a cinema and lots of other exciting facilities which makes Villa California a inspiring work environment.

Touch Travel
Touch Travel is part of Touch incentive which focuses on the travel. The company has a very wide range of travel options and is a umbrella for several labels as loopreizen.nl, casinoreizen.nl and restaurauntreizen.nl. Touch Travel has highly skilled employees, and has years of experience in the travel industry. These aspects make Touch Travel your specialist in travel. Touch Travel is positivism and optimism, it marks that Touch incentive and the Villa California will do as much as possible to offer you the perfect travel.

Touch is driven by positivism and optimism. An incentive is something positive, that feels like a gift which motivates and stimulates people to exhibit certain behavior. Touch doesn’t believe that it always should be a big or expensive incentive, it’s about the sympathy-factor. The smile, the good feeling. It’s about the gesture. The valuation. The right incentive at the right time makes people positive and it sets them open for changes and optimal performances. LIFE IS A GIFT.
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Villa California Building
Escudostraat 2
2991 XV Barendrecht-Rotterdam

Phonenumber : +31 (0)10 4971130
E-mailaddress : info@touchtravel.nl